Monday, November 5, 2007

10 steps to being lame

Ladies, we've all met this guy around town, that guy who is fabulous at (insert amazing talent here) ... and knows it.

Its not that he is bad at what he does, after all give credit where credit is do, but we don't need a press release of your greatest and latest accomplishments. Instead I would much rather discover your ever present amazing-ness on my own, after all if your that great I should be able to tell.

To be honest I think that every dance community has one or maybe more of these types within them. I know that I've had the "pleasure" of dancing with a few here in Athens myself. Its important to note that they might not be that way about all dances, maybe its just their favorite dance. That being said it might a good tactic to know what dances make people tick and plan according, if he only dance waltz his best waltz buddies maybe you don't really want to dance waltz with him.

The Dance Primer posted a list of the "10 Steps to becoming that guy NOBODY wants to dance with" which I'm reposting here.

Ladies: this list is an all to true statement of the way those guys are, so enjoy it
Gentlemen: Take heart, we'd love to dance with you but please check the ego at the door

1. Stare at your feet. Or, if you are dancing with someone wearing a low cut blouse - simply look down…
2. Don’t apologize, or even notice, when you throw you partner directly into another moving couple.
3. Do your largest, flashiest, fanciest tricks as often as possible. If your follow doesn’t do it well, make sure everyone knows she’s the one who messed up.
4. While dancing, scan the room for girls you’d rather be dancing with.
5. Ensure your follow always does exactly what you want her to at all times. Use force when necessary. Realize it’s her fault if she gets hurt, ’cause she just not following right.
6. Teach your partners how they should be dancing. Don’t forget to be giving constant feedback.
7. Ensure everyone knows that you know you are the best dancer in the room. When sitting on the sidelines, make sure you talk about how terrible the DJ is, what a bad job the organizers are doing, and how nobody in this town is any good at dancing.
8. Be highly selective about who you’ll dance with: young hot single girls, or only the best follow in town.
9. Offer free lessons to the newest girls, to ensure some alone time with them, and then make sure they know you’re interested in more than just dancing with them.
10. Only smile if your partner is up to your high standard, which, unless she’s going out with you, nobody in this town really is.

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Amberlynn said...

Thanks for sharing. I'm glad you enjoyed it. There's also a list to becoming that guy folks DO want to dance with, so guys can read up on that, too.

I enjoy your blog, I'll certainly be checking in often.