Tuesday, November 13, 2007

FAQs about UGA's Ballroom Dance Club

These are some of the most popular questions I get about our Ballroom Dance Club, so I'm posting them here as a reference.

  • How do I join? We don't have a formal membership, you pay per event; there are no club dues.
  • I never danced before, can I still come? Yes, absolutely. We start with the basics every week at the Sunday Night lesson, so it is completely ok that you've never stepped foot into a ballroom.
  • Do I need to bring a partner? No, just bring yourself. We rotate partners during lessons so even if there are more girls than guys, everyone gets a chance to dance.
  • What should I wear? For a regular lesson ie Sunday Night or Swing Club's Monday Night Lesson, dress causally in whatever makes you comfortable. The dress code is a little higher at Friday Night Dances. Most men wear button -up shirts, some with ties and the ladies generally wear skirts or nice slakes.
  • Do I need special shoes? Yes and no. Its important in ballroom to be able to slide. Tennis shoes which have alot of grip were not designed for this kind of dancing. You should try wear shoes with soft soles like bowling shoes or ballet shoes or just wear socks. It is not necessary to buy ballroom shoes. For more info check out my shoe post.
  • What do you teach? We teach the social ballroom dances:waltz, foxtrot, rumba, tango, cha cha, west coast swing, east coast swing, salsa. On occasion we teach other dances like samba, lindy hop and Argentine tango but this is highly defendant on if teachers are available for those dances. We teach in rotating pattern, meaning that every week we highlight a different dance .
  • What is BPG and are they same as BDC? This is really kind of confusing and not to terribly important because all of the ballroom organizations try to work together in a unified fashion so you don't have to keep up but here is the break down:
The Ballroom Dance Club (BDC) is a non-audition, social dancing organization. We host the Sunday Night Lesson, Workshops, and the Ballroom Formal.
The Ballroom Performance Group (BPG) is an audition only, performance group. They host Friday Night Dances and Ballroom Magic.
There is also the Swing Club who host Monday Night Swing Lessons and Swung, the audition only Swing performance group.
Finally there is downtown, the bars do there own thing we just let you know whats up.

These are the most popular questions but if you have others please comment.


Amy C said...

Thanks for clearing up the difference between BPG and BDC!

UGA Ballroom Dance Club said...

No problem - we all know its confusing ;)

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