Thursday, January 17, 2008

Rumba Review

Last week Rachel did a great job of teaching us Rumba.
Here is a quick review of what she taught:

In the Beginning Lesson:

  • The Basic - slow quick quick slow
  • Rotating Basic - turning the basic box in quarter turn increments
  • 5th Position Breaks - where the foot goes behind
  • Cross over breaks - where the foot comes in front
  • Pivot Turns - turning 180 degrees in one place
  • Arch Turns - leading the turn away from you
  • Loop Turns - leading the turn towards you
In the Advanced Lesson:
  • Swivels - shake it!
  • Rumba Cuddles
  • Cuddles exited by a loop turn into crossover breaks
  • Cuban breaks
  • Sliding Doors
This video is really good for review a lot of the beginner moves and a few more intermediate moves. Some of the moves they may enter in to or preform differently than we may have taught and that is ok. There are many different dance schools out there who have there own styling. As dancers you will have to learn to be flexible to the community and, if performing, the directors around you.

Here are the marks for the different moves so you can "fast forward" to what you want to review.

Box step 0:00
Underarm (Arch turn) 0:42
Open break underarm turns (turning from the open position) 1:32
Crossover breaks 2:12
Parallel breaks 3:10
Alternating open breaks 3:41
Ladies underarm turn into side-by-side turn 4:33
2nd position breaks (Cubans) 5:33
Extended box 6:10
Alternating crossover breaks 6:50
5th position breaks 7:40

Happy dancing

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