Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Two Left Feet

I mean technically, I have both a right and a left foot; they just aren't always that coordinated. I love ballroom dance and quite haphazardly I became the president of the University of Georgia's Ballroom Dance Club. They didn't make the decision based on my dancing ability. In fact I would have failed the Cha-Cha part.

So maybe your wondering why are you reading a dance blog from a girl who can't even successfully Cha-Cha?

The answer is that while I can't Cha-Cha, I know a few people who can and since I'm already bumming lesson off them, Why not share those lessons with everyone?

So began " Two Left Feet" a blog about learning the steps of some our favorite ballroom moves and all the basics. We will walk you through the steps and you can let your mirror be your judge. When you got everything mastered in your living room or your just ready to get moving I hope that you'll go out and dance in your community and let us know how it went.

For all those dancers out there who are already fabulous, post some your favorite moves. We'd love to see them and bask in your glory.

Happy Dancing